Baby Shower

Unlocks at 27 Catering PointsFirst appeared xx/xx/xxxx
Angel Fruit Cake
BBQ Chicken
Creme Fraiche Caviar

cooks for
8 hours
5 hours
30 minutes
25 asks
11 crew slots (you plus 10 others)

Reward for three stars: Finger Sandwichs recipe; 7,560 Cafe Points; 12 Catering Points; 113,400 Cafe Coins
Reward for two stars: 5,400 Cafe Points; 8 Catering Points; 81,000 Cafe Coins
Reward for one star: 3,240 Cafe Points; 4 Catering Points; 48,600 Cafe Coins
Menu items in red are included in more than one catering job.
Menu items in blue require the completion of certain in-game goals to be awarded the recipe. If you don't have it, no worries. Someone who does will help by cooking that item.