As of this very moment, there are 72 members of our "little" catering group. Wow! I mean, it all started with me, Ann and Becky trying to get through the holiday catering jobs. Now we've got members all over the world, including quite a few in New Orleans, Australia and places I'm pretty sure I couldn't locate on a map.

Leapfrogging membership numbers are great, but they also make for problems of scale. For one thing, as we get bigger and more international, we're dealing with time zones that are very far apart. We've been doing a lot using the Facebook chat feature. How does that work for those of you in Australia? 

How do we even keep up to date with the new members who have joined?

And summer is coming up  - at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere - and vacations, ballgames, and needing to share the computer with the kids all will take some of us away from the online world for days, weeks or months. We'll need to figure out how to deal with that too. 

So help us out! What do you think is working really well with the way we get things done? What's not working at all? What problems have you started to run into as we get bigger, or is everything working great so far! If you've been part of a similar group, either at work or for leisure, what problems do you think we should expect? 

Please note that we are making one addition to our guidelines. (It's a simple one.) If you invite a friend into the group, please help them navigate for the first one or two catering jobs they do with us! It can get pretty confusing to figure out when to serve your gift box items, when to stop cooking, how to manage your asks, and so on. Help your newbies learn what we expect. Oh, and before you add someone, make sure he or she is comfortable cooking at least, say, five days a week and returning gift requests at least that often, if at all possible. Thanks.

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