Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose the next catering job?

We look at how many people have told us they want to do each job, and for any overlap between a job and any current missions. We also try to be aware of jobs we expect might become unavailable soon.

How do we know what the current job is and what is upcoming? 

Check the first page of this website, or the schedule page. If there is a job you're really anxious to work on but don't see coming up anytime soon, let us know in the Facebook discussion or via the contact form on this site.

How do you know which jobs everyone needs to do?

How do I know how many of each menu item are in my gift box?

When a menu item is in your gift box, the number of orders you have appears on top of the item illustration, with an illustrated orange and blue gift box. In this example, there are 12 orders of Crackling Peking Duck available to serve. You must serve all 12 at once; there is no way to serve 10 now and two later.

Terms can be a little confusing. You get 1600 servings every time you cook Crackling Peking Duck, for example. I'm calling that an "order," and a serving is what goes on a customer's pate. If a catering job says you must serve 100 Crackling Peking Ducks, it actually means 100 orders, or 160,000 platefuls. You are paid by the serving, not the order, but neither the number of servings nor the price per serving have anything to do with catering jobs.

Can you help with "missions", not just catering jobs?

A "mission" is a set of actions Café World asks you to do that results in some sort of reward. There are often several missions or sets of missions that run concurrently. Missions show up as icons on the left side of the Café World window. Whether or not we can help depends on the mission. If you are required to "cook" an item, we can't help. If you are only required to "serve" an item, we can, through WholeSale Dale. Usually, you must ask for any items that accompany a mission before we can send them to you, but a few times they have been available to send through the regular gift interface.

Can you explain WholeSale Dale?

Anything you have on a serving counter can be sold to WholeSale Dale. No matter how many servings you sell to Dale, even if you just sell him one serving, you get the message that all the food wouldn't fit in his truck so there's some left over, and are asked if you want to send the extra to your friends. If the item is needed for a catering job, be sure to send it to some of the people helping you. In fact, you can serve it then immediately sell it to Dale. Your friend can then do the same thing, sending it back to you, and so on. One order of chocolate cake from your gift box or from a single stove can be multiplied into a lot of orders that way. 

To sale to Dale, click on the counter holding the item you want to sell. Then select "Sell to WholeSale Dale." You can sell all of your remaining servings, as little as one serving, or any amount in between. When asked if you want to share the extra servings, click Share With Friends. You will select which friends you want to send the item to from the standard friends list dialog. They will each get one order for their gift box.

What if I just can't log in to Cafe World, for technical reasons or I have to work late or something? 

Just tell us in the Facebook group so we'll know. Then we can go in and spice any spoiled dishes.

What if I'm having technical problems on an ongoing basis? 

Zynga support is your best bet. If you want to run your problem by us go ahead, we might have some idea because it might have happened to one of us too, but it's just a chance.