What to do

How to get started the very first time
  1. If you haven't already, join the group on Facebook.
  2. Introduce yourself to the Facebook group. Tell us your Café World level and how many catering points you have.) If you have a catering job already in progress, tell us which one and we'll try to help you finish up. Our group is very chatty on Facebook, so come talk! 
  3. Check our schedule to see what catering job(s) we are currently working on and what's coming up.
  4. Tell us which catering jobs you still need to work on, either because you didn't do them at all or you didn't get three stars. 
  5. Click the group members graphic on the right side of the page. Start sending out friend requests to the group members. Add "Café World catering" in the request.
  6. A couple of hours after your friend requests begin to be accepted, you'll start to see your new friends pop up in the "Help Friends" part of your catering menu. Sign on to help them only if you can contribute something; otherwise, you're just taking up a spot on their crew that someone else who is cooking for them could have.
  7. Don't start a new catering order until you can see four or five group members in the Help Friends part of your catering menu. (Sometimes it takes a while for Zynga to get the neighbors all connected. If you can see them, they can see you.)

What to do every other time
  1. Check our schedule to see what catering job(s) we are currently working on.
  2. This is really important. Please don't start a job if everyone already working on it is over 50% done. (It will come back up.) On the other hand, if at least three people are under 50% finished, jump right in. (Look for job status updates in your Help Friends tab, on both the Current Orders and You're Helping With tabs.)
  3. How do they know what to cook?
  4. If you find that you're lagging behind everyone else in getting items, try opening up another crew slot. You'll have to use some asks, but it will be worth it.
  5. When you start a catering job, if you have the requests available, go ahead and send out asks to other group members for whatever that catering job requires. 
  6. You will get lots of requests for napkins, microphones, skulls, all kinds of stuff in your Zynga Message Center. Please respond to them!
  7. Watch the schedule to find out when to start serving menu items from stoves and from gift boxes.

Relevant tips & tricks
We've got a whole page of these, but here are the ones you might need to know about now.
  • If you don't have access to the recipes for all the menu items in a catering job, that's okay. Someone else will get those things cooked and/or we'll send them to you through WholeSale Dale.  
  • Go ahead and do your asks as soon as you can after you sign up for a catering job. If you require five napkins, as long as you use club members, you should only need to send six or seven requests ("asks"). The few extra should be enough to cover you if someone is on vacation or can't log in to Café World for whatever reason.
  • A recent change from Zynga: Items served from your gift box count towards the total for a catering job. So if you need 10 more Belgian waffles for the order, and have eight Belgian waffles in your gift box, you really only need to cook two more. 
  • Don't serve the items from your gift box as soon as you join a catering job!. Wait until everyone has had time to join, so everyone can benefit. (Find out how many orders are in your gift box.)
  • Although we prefer to do only one catering job at a time, there are certain ones that work very, very well together — Grandpa's BBQ and the baby shower, for example. If you're quick, you can probably finish both of them while we work on them as a group.
  • We also try to coordinate with other missions we might be working on. One of the Fry Hard missions called for 10 funnel cakes, for example, which meant it was a good time to do the Kickoff Cookout, which also included funnel cakes.

Have a friend (IRL or just on Facebook) who would make a good addition to our group?
Just sign them up! On the right-hand side of the group page, click "Add Friends to Group." It's that simple. (Before you sign them up, please remember to make sure they are comfortable cooking at least five days a week and answering requests for asks as often as possible.)
We do ask you to act as a mentor for anyone you sign up. Help them through the first one or two catering jobs they do with us.