Here's a few of my ideas about how we could use this blog:
  • Talk about problems that are arising in the group or in Cafe World gameplay.
  • Talk about changes Zynga has made.
  • Answer questions about why we do things the way we do them.
  • Examine some of the weird/only-half-way-working things in Cafe World.
  • Advance info, like "There are rumors that next week Cafe World will introduce microwave cooking."
  • Conversations about missing features and what we wish CW would introduce, like the ability to remove yourself from catering jobs or an alphabetical list of dishes.
  • Goofy stuff, like "If you could design a catering job for CW, what would it be and what would you serve?"
  • Guest posts from group members to introduce themselves. 
Would you read a blog? What would you want to see in it? Let us know in the comments section or bring it up for discussion in the group at Facebook.    

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